Clean Coal Technologies in Japan


Part 1 CCT Classifications

Part 2 CCT Overview

(1)Technologies for Coal Resources Development

(2)Coal-fired Power Generation Technologies

A. Combustion Technologies

B. Gasification Technologies

(3) Iron Making and General Industry Technologies

A. Iron Making Technologies

B. General Industry Technologies

(4) Multi-Purpose Coal Utilization Technologies

A.Liquefaction Technologies

B. Pyrolysis Technologies

C. Powdering, Fluidization, and Co-utilization Technologies

D. De-ashing and Reforming Technologies

(5) Environmental Protection Technologies

A. CO2 Recovery Technologies

B. Flue Gas Treatment and Gas Cleaning Technologies

C. Technologies to Effectively Use Coal Ash

(6) Basic Technologies for Advanced Coal Utilization

(7) Co-production System

Part 3 Future Outlook for CCT

Definitions, Conversions