Information Collection and Sharing Advisory Activities

In order to follow its mission, JCOAL collects and shares information with governments and government agencies of various countries, as well as international organizations while fully utilizing its unique interorganizational network. Such information helps JCOAL in advising and recommendations for sustainable supply and efficient utilization of coal that may well address Climate Change and other environmental issues.

1.Japanese Center for Asia Pacific Coal Flow (JAPAC)

As a private-sector organization with objectives of expanding uses and sustainable supply of coal in the Asia Pacific area, the Japanese Committee for Pacific Coal Flow (JAPAC) was founded in September 1987, which contributed to the formation of shared perceptions with relevant countries and the stabilization of supply and demand of coal. As an organization to succeed functions of JAPAC that ceased the operations in 2008, JCOAL founded the Japanese Center for Asia Pacific Coal Flow.
JAPAC has the Steering Committee, Planning Committee, and Technical and Information Committee, and has the Secretariat within JCOAL.

(1)Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is a deliberative organ for basic matters related to the JAPAC activities. Chairman of the Committee is Chairperson of JCOAL, and committee members are representatives (executives) of JCOAL special member.

(2)Planning Committee

The Planning Committee compiles opinions of member companies, and forms proposals and recommendations to the government in consideration of the policy dialogues of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry regarding the coal policy and discussions at various international meetings. The Committee also holds international symposiums and seminars, lecture presentations, and reviews public relations activities addressed to the general public. Vice Chairperson of JCOAL is General Manager of the Committee, and committee members are representatives of JCOAL Class 2 or over member, key figures nominated by General Manager, JCOAL staff members nominated by President of JCOAL, and Senior Official of JAPAC.

(3)Technical and Information Committee

The Technical and Information Committee is responsible for preparation of "World Coal Report" that compiles data of relevant countries. The data serve as the basis for the proposals and recommendations that the Planning Committee forms. The Committee also studies appropriate sources to obtain information in a timely manner for the Report, and policies to collect and transmit information in an efficient and effective manner. Vice Chairperson of JCOAL is General Manager of the Committee, and committee members are representatives of JCOAL Class 2 or over member, key figures nominated by General Manager, JCOAL staff members nominated by President of JCOAL, and Senior Official of JAPAC.

2.Policy Recommendations for Clean Coal Policy

Representing the coal sector, JCOAL makes policy recommendations in timely manner on occasions such as the Clean Coal Day International Symposium on Coal Utilization, relevant APEC meetings, as well as at individual meetings with Japanese and overseas policy makers and industries.
Every year at the end of August, JCOAL presents a petition concerning the coal policy to the Director-General of the Agency for Natural Resources and Energy, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

The petition for fiscal 2011 included the following matters

1)Clearly Positioning of Coal in Energy Policy.
2)Restoration of Coal-related Facilities Damaged by the Earthquake and Capital Investment.
3)Support for Procurement of Sustainable Coal Supply.
4)Promotion of Technology Development for Use of Low-quality Coal and its Utilization on Business.
5)Development Network among International Organizations.
6)Continuation of Human Resources Development Programs for International Natural Resource.
7)Development in Public Acceptance of Coal.
8)Development and Introduction of Technologies for Environment-conscious Coal Usage in Japan Further Support for Promotion of Transfer to Overseas of CCT Technologies.
9)Promotion of Introducing Developed Technologies in CCT and Infrastructure Systems for Foreign Countries.

3.Enhancement and exploration of JCOAL's Inter organizational Network

As effective follow-up of government-to-government dialogues, JCOAL concludes MOUs (Memorandum of Understanding) with relevant organizations and establish communications platforms by country, by region, or by theme. Such activities help timely collection and transmission of information and create opportunities of business matching and project development for member companies. JCOAL currently has such platforms for Australia, China, Indonesia, India, Poland, Canada, etc. that JCOAL is continuously reinforcing, and is trying to establish one for Mozambique, UK, Russia, etc.
JCOAL is also hosting "follow-up seminars" and "trainee alumni association" meetings for former trainees from various countries who participated in projects for coal mine technology transfers, CCT technology transfers, etc. JCOAL is maintaining and reinforcing human resource networks that help support various projects planned and run by JCOAL or supporting member companies by establishing and utilizing trainee alumni platforms.

Execution of MOU in Recent Years

4.Enhancement of Organizational Framework of Updated Information Collection and Sharing for Further Development

(1)Clean Coal Day International Symposium on Coal Utilization

CCD International Symposium

Every year on Clean Coal Day (September 5), the International Symposium on Coal Utilization is held for exchange of information on the latest situations and world trend of development of CCT and other coal-related technologies both in Japan and overseas, and for intercommunication among coal-related organizations and companies both in Japan and overseas. Participants include governments of major coal-producing countries and international organizations such as the International Energy Agency and World Coal Association from overseas, and the Agency for Natural Resources and Energy, power companies, steel companies, trading companies, and plant manufacturers as well as universities from Japan. Lectures and panel discussions are held on the latest supply/demand situations of coal, coal-related energy policy of various countries, trend in development of CCT technologies, and utilization of low-quality coal, accompanied by in-depth exchange of opinions among various parties.

(2)Participation in APEC EGCFE Coal Seminar


JCOAL acts as official secretariat of the Expert Group on Clean Fossil Energy (EGCFE), one of five Expert Groups that were established by, and report directly to, the Energy Working Group (EWG) of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC). JCOAL proactively participates in the coal seminar that is annually held for collection and exchange of latest coal-related information, and for the formation of shared perceptions of coal policies in the Asia Pacific area, current situations and outlook of coal supply and demand, and trend of the CCT technologies.

(3)Coal Data Bank

JCOAL collects and assembles the latest coal-related information both in Japan and overseas and provides the information to member companies as "Coal Data Bank."
It is a most comprehensive database of coal-related information, including information on coal reserves, coal supply/demand situations, coal mines, infrastructure in relation to coal transport such as railway and harbor, use of coal for coal thermal power generation and others by country, technologies and technology development for use of coal, basic knowledge of coal, JIS and ISO standards, coal policies by country, international cooperation on coal-related issues, coal-related companies, and other coal-related matters.

(4)Survey of Coal Industry Structure

JCOAL conducts the coal industry structure survey, for the purpose of analyzing the current situations surrounding coal and coal-related industries to identify business opportunities for Japanese companies. The Committee for Survey of Coal Industry Structure was established within JCOAL, which surveys and analyzes business and investment of companies in various fields of the coal industry from the upstream to downstream areas, and reviews the way to take for each of the fields.

(5)Issuance of Information Magazines

JCOAL publishes information magazines: the "World Coal Report" annually; "Coal Note" annually; "JCOAL Journal" three times a year that introduces the most recent CCT technologies and news in the field of coal, and "JCOAL Magazine" every other week.

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