Programs for Public Relations and Human Resources Development

While public perception of coal in Japan is relatively positive, people are yet to well understand the importance of using coal for Japan's energy policy, global situations of coal utilization, as well as current situation in Japan around clean utilization of coal.
Japan is nearly 100% dependent on imports for natural resources and energy, and as such, it is important for Japan's energy policy to continue to use coal that is excellent in economy and sustainable in supply. In the meantime, Japan has the world's leading technologies for coal utilization, and has realized use of coal that is environmentally compatible. It is important to send these messages to the people in an easily understandable manner, and for this purpose, it is imperative that the industry, in coordination with the government, should enhance strategic transmission of information.

1.Coal-related Public Relations Activities

As part of publicity activities to update the general public on the importance of coal as energy resource and current situations of CCT technologies, JCOAL hosts seminars, participates in various exhibitions, holds observation tours to coal-related facilities, as well as distributes its original publications.

Clean Coal Seminar in Tokyo

2.Programs for Human Resources Development

In order to ensure human resources for coal resources development, JCOAL has been conducting programs for human resources development that are tailored for Japanese students and young business people since fiscal 2008. Under such programs in cooperation with Mining and Materials Processing Institute of Japan (MMIJ) and universities with courses on natural resources and also with companies in relevant line of business, JCOAL conducts internship programs both in Japan and overseas, for which original course materials have been developed, well tailored lectures at such universities are organized.

【left】Overseas Internship at Mt.Autur Mine, Australia (February 2012)
【right】Overseas Internship at Ensham Mine, Australia (September 2011)