Message from Chairperson


We continue to take on the frontier of coal utilization, that is, "zero emissions coal utilization".

Coal provides a variety of support for the foundations of society in fields such as power generation, steel, cement, and the chemical industry, so we believe it is important to take on this challenge towards carbon neutrality, which means reducing CO₂ emissions to net zero while using coal as a resource and energy source.

In particular, given the realities in Japan that there is no single perfect energy source that satisfies S (safety) + 3E (Energy Security, Economic Efficiency, and Environment), it is important to utilize diverse energy sources in a balanced manner. Therefore we need to retain as many options as possible while taking on the technological innovations for cost saving in CO₂ emissions reduction and the social implementation of low/zero emission technologies.

We are committed to working towards the resolution of two critical issues for humanity - improving energy access for everyone around the world and addressing climate change - in order to achieve a sustainable, diverse, and inclusive society that leaves no one behind, as stated by the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Masayoshi Kitamura
Japan Coal Frontier Organization