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Central Electricity Authority, the Government of India and Japan Coal Energy Center sign the 4th Memorandum of Understanding

Delhi, December 16, 2019-Mr. Osamu Tsukamoto, President of Japan Coal Energy Center (JCOAL) and Mr. P.D. Siwal, Member (Thermal), Central Electricity Authority (CEA) signed the 4th Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between CEA and JCOAL.

mou.jpgSigning of the MoU


cea_siwal.jpgMember (Thermal), CEA and President of JCOAL

Since the beginning of CEA-JCOAL Cooperation in April 2010, CEA and JCOAL have been consistently working on a various studies and programs on efficiency and environmental issues of thermal power generation. It should be noted that the two parties had been working on the environmental measures at thermal power plants well before the New Environmental Norms came into effect in December 2015, by engaging in diagnostic studies, assessment of Indian coal, CCT Training Program in Japan and the annual workshop in Delhi.


The 4th MoU that was just signed constitutes the cornerstone of CEA-JCOAL Cooperation(Indo-Japan Cooperation for Efficiency and Environmental Improvement for Sustainable, Stable and Low-carbon Supply of Electricity)and is intended for supporting the two parties in close cooperation with utilities and relevant institutions to expedite their joint endeavors in addressing the emerging issues of flexibilisation, biomass co-firing as well as the urgent issue of environmental compliance in addition to efficiency improvement at thermal power plant that was well addressed during the past decade of cooperation.


At the signing ceremony, President of JCOAL expressed his utmost appreciation to CEA and relevant institutions for the understanding and cooperation that have been forwarded throughout the Cooperation and wished to mark another big step forward to further the long and fruitful collaboration that is firmly based on the deep mutual understanding between CEA and JCOAL.

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