Clean Coal Technologies in Japan

Part 2 CCT Overview

(1)Technologies for Coal Resources Development
  1. 1A1. Coal Resource Exploration Technology(Ultra Super Critical Steam)
  2. 1A2. Coal Production Technology
  3. 1A3. Mine Safety Technology
  4. 1A4. Environment-friendly Resource Development Technology
(2)Coal-fired Power Generation Technologies
A. Combustion Technologies
  1. 2A1. High Efficiency Pulverized Coal-fired Power Generation Technology (Ultra Super Critical Steam Condition)
  2. 2A2. Circulating Fluidized-bed Combustion Technology (CFBC)
  3. 2A3. Internal Circulating Fluidized-bed Combustion Technology (ICFBC)
  4. 2A4. Pressurized Internal Circulating Fluidized-bed Combustion Technology (PICFBC)
  5. 2A5. Coal Partial Combustor Technology (CPC)
  6. 2A6. Pressurized Fluidized-bed Combustion Technology (PFBC)
  7. 2A7. Advanced Pressurized Fluidized-bed Combustion Technology(A-PFBC)
B. Gasification Technologies
  1. 2B1. Hydrogen-from-Coal Process (HYCOL)
  2. 2B2. Integrated Coal Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC)
  3. 2B3. Multi-purpose Coal Gasification Technology Development (EAGLE)
  4. 2B4. Integrated Coal Gasification Fuel Cell Combined Cycle Electric Power Generating Technology (IGFC)
  5. 2B5. Next-generation, High-efficiency Integrated Coal Gasification Electric Power Generating Process (A-IGCC/A-IGFC)
(3) Iron Making and General Industry Technologies
A. Iron Making Technologies
  1. 3A1. Formed Coke Process (FCP)
  2. 3A2. Pulverized Coal Injection for Blast Furnaces (PCI)
  3. 3A3. Direct Iron Ore Smelting Reduction Process (DIOS)
  4. 3A4. Super Coke Oven for Productivity and Environment Enhancement toward the 21st Century (SCOPE21)
  5. 3A5. Coke Dry Quenching Technology (CDQ)
B. General Industry Technologies
  1. 3B1. Fluidized-bed Advanced Cement Kiln System (FAKS)
  2. 3B2. New Scrap Recycling Process (NSR)
(4) Multi-Purpose Coal Utilization Technologies
A.Liquefaction Technologies
  1. 4A1. Coal Liquefaction Technology Development in Japan
  2. 4A2. Bituminous Coal Liquefaction Technology (NEDOL)
  3. 4A3. Brown Coal Liquefaction Technology (BCL)
  4. 4A4. Dimethyl Ether Production Technology (DME)
B. Pyrolysis Technologies
  1. 4B1 Multi-purpose Coal Conversion Technology (CPX)
  2. 4B2. Efficient Co-production with Coal Flash Partial Hydropyrolysis Technology (ECOPRO)
C. Powdering, Fluidization, and Co-utilization Technologies
  1. 4C1. Coal Cartridge System (CCS)
  2. 4C2. Coal Water Mixture Production Technology (CWM)
  3. 4C3. Briquette Production Technology
  4. 4C4. Coal and Woody Biomass Co-firing Technology
D. De-ashing and Reforming Technologies
  1. 4D1. Hyper-coal-based High-efficiency Combustion Technology (Hyper-coal)
  2. 4D2. Low-rank Coal Upgrading Technology (UBC Process)
(5) Environmental Protection Technologies
A. CO2 Recovery Technologies
  1. 5A1. Hydrogen Production by Reaction Integrated Novel Gasification Process (HyPr-RING)
  2. 5A2. CO2 Recovery and Sequestration Technology
  3. 5A3. CO2 Conversion Technology
  4. 5A4. Oxy-fuel Combustion (Oxygen-firing of Conventional PCF System)
B. Flue Gas Treatment and Gas Cleaning Technologies
  1. 5B1. SOx Reduction Technology
  2. 5B2. NOx Reduction Technology
  3. 5B3. Simultaneous De-SOx and De-NOx Technology
  4. 5B4. Particulate Treatment Technology and Trace Element Removal Technology
  5. 5B5. Gas Cleaning Technology
C. Technologies to Effectively Use Coal Ash
  1. 5C1. Coal Ash Generation Process and Application Fields
  2. 5C2. Effective Use of Ash in Cement/Concrete
  3. 5C3. Effective Use of Ash in Civil Engineering/Construction and Other Applications
  4. 5C4. Technology to Recover Valuable Resources from Coal Ash
(6) Basic Technologies for Advanced Coal Utilization
  1. 6A1. Modeling and Simulation Technologies for Coal Gasification
(7) Co-production System
  1. 7A1. Co-generation Systems
  2. 7A2. Co-production Systems