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Announcement "Tokyo Power Market Seminar"

The electricity retail market has been showing intensifying competition with the increase of new entrants to the market and a wide variety of price packages they present since the electricity deregulation in April 2016.  At the same time, the trade volume is increasing tremendously through the electric power exchange market which is an indispensable means to obtain power source for the new entrants.  On the other hand, many of these new players are now exposed to the risks of price fluctuations, leading them to consider risk management imperative.  Looking at the power generation field, new challenges emerging such as how to secure long-and-medium-team investments, while market transactions constantly increasing.  Facing such circumstances, "Tokyo Power Market Seminar" is scheduled on June 14, 2018 inviting overseas intellectuals to learn their experience and lessons acquired by the power liberalization in Europe and the U.S. and to consider the direction of Japan's power liberalization ahead.  We can have a good chance to consider Japan's power liberalization in future through "Tokyo Power Market Seminar" this time.  We hope a lot of people will participate in this Seminar.

Date : Thursday, 14th June, 2018

Venue : Conference Room A (4F), IINO Hall, Tokyo 2-1-1, Uchisaiwaicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN

※The Application was Closed.※

*Please send your name, organization name, title and telephone number when send the email.

Seminar type : Open to public

Language : English/Japanese (Simultaneous Interpretation System)

Registration Fee : Free of charge

Hall capacity : 240 seats

Registration Deadline : Monday, 4th June, 2018

* Please kindly be informed that the seminar venue accommodates 240 people and the seminar audience will be chosen by a random drawing. The selected audience will receive email by June 7 (Thursday), 2018.  (The allotment for each organization might be limited depending on the situation)

Announcement (draft) Tokyo Power Market Seminar.pdf

[Seminar Secretariat]

Japan Coal Energy Center (JCOAL)

Phone: +81-3-6402-6104   Fax: +81-3-6402-6110

Naoko Honda(Ms.), Sakurako Ueda(Ms.)


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