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Clean Coal Day in Japan 2016 International Symposium

"Pathway for Coal towards High Efficient & Low Emission (HELE) Technology under the World's Coal Value Chain"


(Wed) 7 - (Thu) 8 September, 2016,  ANA InterContinental Hotel Tokyo

(Fri) 9 September, 2016,  Site Tour (J-POWER, The Isogo Thermal Power Plant)


Coal is used in many countries around the world as a useful energy source for its excellent supply stability and economic efficiency. The circumstances surrounding coal have not changed much, and coal demand is expected to increase further mainly in developing and emerging countries.

The issue of CO2 reduction, however, is an addressing task in the light of preventing the global warming since the amount of CO2 emitted by coal utilization is larger than that of other fossil fuels. The latest technologies have enabled to reduce the environmental burden though the measures have not been taken globally for prioritizing economic efficiency. It is urgently necessary to implement concrete measures for the CO2 reduction.

The OECD Meeting held in November 2015 set a new regulation rules on the international financing organizations concerning the CCT introduction to developing countries. Following the Paris Agreement adopted at COP21 in December 2015, all participating countries have been set to pursue global warming mitigation measures toward 2030 and they have started taking action for implementing concrete measures.

The developing countries in Asia as well as the developed countries including Japan regard coal as an important energy source that plays a role in energy diversification to secure energy security. Considering the situation, further efforts for increasing efficiency, reducing environmental burden and realizing coal utilization in the future hydrogen society have been set out.

Under these circumstances, we will discuss the following issues from various viewpoints at the CCD2016 Symposium; position of coal in respective countries and regions after COP21, change of needs on CCT/CCS introduction, measures and issues involved in promoting CCT/CCS introduction and the effective collaboration and cooperation among countries and regions.

We look forward to your active attendance at the Clean Coal Day in Japan 2016 International Symposium.





You can contact the symposium secretariat (clean-coal-day_2016@jcoal.or.jp)  regarding special course for the Osaki CoolGen Project site tour held on an invite-only basis.

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