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Round Table Con­fer­ence by WBPDCL

The Government of India has been making its strenuous efforts toward sustainable power supply by massive capacity addition through new construction of large scale power plants under Ultra Mega Power Projects (UMPP) and R&M as well as Life Extension (LE) of existing power plants. In an endeavor to be conducive to the foregoing policy efforts, CEA and JCOAL embarked on their bilateral cooperation, Indo-Japan Cooperation for Efficiency and Environmental Improvement of Coal Fired Power Stations, abbreviated as CEA-JCOAL Cooperation, based on shared recognition that R&M is quite significant to efficiency and environmental sustainability of power supply.

Diagnostic activities under the project so far have produced steady outcomes with the diagnosed 9 units out of 8 power stations. The bilateral activities have been contributing to some cases of R&M materialization with Japanese CCT, e.g. MEEP (Moving-electrode Type Electrostatic Precipitator) introduction to the two 500 MW units at Rihand TPS of NTPC.

It is natural that JCOAL welcomed the invitation from the West Bengal Power Development Corporation Limited (WBPDCL) and the World Bank to attend and share its experience of R&M in India as well as Japanese philosophy of plant life management at a high-​level round-table organized by WBPDCL in Kolkata on April 4, 2016. While the primary purpose of the round-table was to share the imple­men­ta­tion experience from Bandel TPS and to brain­storm on issues around the poten­tial for scal­ing up R&M of similar TPS units in India, esti­mated to be in the range of 25,000 MW, the record and presentations of the meeting covers a wide range of relevant issues so that they will be quite useful for those who are interested in R&M and/or coal power development in India.  The Round Table was attended also by the other imple­ment­ing part­ners of the World Bank-​supported project are MOP, CEA, MSPGCL and HPGCL as well as major domestic and international stakeholders including JCOAL. The meeting was followed by a site visit to Bandel TPS on April 5, 2016. 
Part of relevant doocuments are available at the foregoing link.

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