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Clean Coal Day in Japan 2015 International Symposium

"Accelerating in Powering CCT (HELE Technology) with Sustainable & Advanced Coal Supply"

(Tue) 8 - (Wed) 9 September, 2015  ANA InterContinental Hotel Tokyo
(Thu) 10 September, 2015  Site Tour (J-POWER, The Isogo Thermal Power Plant)

Representatives from countries across the world will gather in Paris this December for COP21, aiming to achieve a new agreement on the world's climate control framework for 2020 onward. Members of the global community are required to envision a roadmap toward a low-carbon society and pursue energy policies accordingly to reduce burden on the global environment.
Japan's Basic Energy Policy which was approved by the Cabinet in April last year has positioned coal as an important base load electricity source with its stability of supply and economic efficiency and stated that coal should be utilized paying due consideration for the environment from the perspective of balancing energy security and environmental conservation. Again, coal is expected to play this important role in the government's recently adopted policy for the best energy mix toward 2030.

The global coal industry is expected to continue to grow, driven by economic growth associating with increases in production sites and electricity demands in developing countries. Including liquefaction and gasification of coal, CCTs such as A-USC and IGCC is attracting high expectations to further drive the future coal market.
Promoting measures to boost efficiency and reduce environmental burden from coal utilization is strongly required, and implementation of Japan's advanced CCTs overseas to contribute to environmental improvement on a global scale is important. And, we should also work on practical application of CCS to achieve "Zero Emission" in the future.

Towards COP21 and under the theme "Accelerating in Powering CCT (HELE Technology) with Sustainable & Advanced Coal Supply", the Symposium offers a great opportunity to discuss coal policies, sustainable coal supply and R&D of CCTs.
We look forward to your active participation in "Clean Coal Day in Japan 2015 International Symposium".




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