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Announcement of CCD2014

After the Great East Japan Earthquake in March 2011, all nuclear power stations in Japan have been shut down in order to ensure the safety operation. Under this circumstance, 90% of Japan's power supply has been being maintained by so-called fossil fuels.  Thus, coal which is supported by abundant reserves all over the world has been covering 30% out of the required power supply in Japan. Coal is regarded as an indispensable energy source from a viewpoint of energy security because of its supply stability and economic efficiency.

In the New Japan's Basic Energy Policy which was approved by the Cabinet in this April, coal is positively positioned as one of the strategic energies. The policy advocates that it is essential not only to implement the latest technologies to replacements of aging thermal power plants and constructions of new plants but also to deploy developed clean coal technologies with worldwide effort to reduce environmental loading.

The demand of coal would be increasing continuously in the global basis, particularly in China, India and the other non-OECD countries in Asia. In those countries where coal is indispensable resource to achieve their economic development, the latest clean coal technologies with the most suitable method depending on each country's situation should be implemented continuously to reduce the global warming impact, as well as to preserve the local environment. From this point the introduction of Japan's advanced environmental measures with high efficiency will be highly evaluated in terms of contribution to the international society.

According to the above situation, let us provide the discussion opportunity in the symposium on topics of sustainable coal supply and the latest clean coal technology to reconfirm how important it is to seek the best energy mix in the world.


We look forward to your active participation in "Clean Coal Day in Japan 2014 International Symposium"




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