JCOAL Coal Bank
(Database for Coal with locality and property information)

Under the consignment from NEDO, JCOAL has been developing the database on the quality and characteristics of coal around the world for the purpose of efficiently supporting CCT development and commercialization of companies, universities, research institutes and etc. JCOAL Coal Bank which provides property information and actual sample has started new operation since April 2018.

  • JCOAL Coal Bank Characteristics, as follows
    1. From Anthracite, bituminous coal, subbituminous coal to brown coal, over 100 kinds of coal around the world are registered.
    2. The property analysis was carried out under the responsibility of JCOAL.
    3. It is free of charge to browse the data.
    4. It is possible to provide actual sample which registered. (paid for)
  • Expected usage activity example
    1. To use for outline coal review from the locality in its country when procurement of the coal.
    2. Multiple research institutes can use the common sample coal to test and make close comparisons and discussions focusing on differences in test equipment and test conditions.
    3. To use for evaluation to export advanced CCT technology which Japanese company holds, to registered coal production country.

Take advantage of the JCOAL Coal Bank.

  • You can browse registered coal as follows at JCOAL Coal Bank
    1. The coal mining country and its location of coal mine.
    2. General analysis
      (Total moisture, Proximate analysis, Ultimate analysis, Heat value, Total sulfur, Incombustible sulfur, Ash fusibility, Ash composition, Hard grove index, Crucible swelling number, Chlorine and fluorine and Mercury.)
    3. Trace elements analysis
      (only part of registered coals):non-disclosure from the screen view

Trace elements analysis value is basically not open, if you need disclose, please contact JCOAL.

  • Analysis method
    1. General analysis
      ・Total moisture: JIS M 8820 (2000)
      ・Proximate analysis: JIS M 8812 (2004)
      ・Ultimate analysis: JIS M 8813 (2004) and JIS M 8819(1997)
      C, H, N, S: JIS M 8819 (1997)
      Others: JIS M8813 (2004)
      ・Heat value: JIS M 8814 (2003)
      ・Ash fusibility: DIN 51730 (2007)
      ・Ash component: JIS M 8815 (1976)
      JIS and DIN is based on ISO.
    2. Trace elements analysis
      Microwave-assisted extraction without hydrofluoric acid and inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry*
      (common name: AIST method)
      * The present method improved the methods that were published in the ISO 23380 Annex B (2013) and Analytica Chimica Acta (2004), vol.514, pp.115.
  • Committee by coal experts
    JCOAL Coal Bank was supervised by the steering committee consisting of coal experts as below.
    • Chairperson of committee: Ichiro Naruse (Nagoya University, Professor)
    • Committee member: Jun Yoshinaga (Toyo University, Professor)
    • Committee member: Yosikazu Noguchi (JPOWER, General Manager) 
    • Committee member: Tsuyoshi Teramae (Idemitsu Kosan, Senior Researcher)
    • Committee member: Masayoshi Kimoto (CRIEPRI, Senior Researcher)
  • We keep most of registered coals in JCOAL Coal Bank safely as actual stock in the nitrogen-implanted condition. If you need sample, please contact us from this mail address we can provide about 20 gram per one sample. Our service is only provided domestically in Japan.
    [Sales price: consumption tax and postage fee included]
    • JCOAL member company, a university and a national institute:JPY35 thousand/sample
    • JCOAL non-member: JPY50 thousand/sample
  • Information handling of JCOAL Coal bank data
    • Secondary distribution is not permitted
    • Please name the source when citing the data.
  • JCOAL Coal Bank

    If you have any questions or requirement, please feel free to contact this mail address

  • Initial Registration method
    • First, register the mail address, please. After that you could possible to access JCOAL Coal Bank browser.
    • After use JCOAL Coal Bank, please fill in the questionnaire. We will use that as reference from now on.